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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our SERVICE. If you need additional information send email to

What's the videographer's style -- cinematic, documentary, or a mix of both? (Then ask yourselves: Does this jibe with what we're going for?)


Has the videographer done many weddings before? What's her/his storytelling approach when it comes to taping a wedding? (This clues you in to his experience and philosophy.) Ask to view samples of her recent work.


Has the videographer won any awards? Is he/she a member of any national and local videography associations?


How does he/she coordinate with a wedding photographer? Has the videographer worked with your photographer before?


Has he/she ever shot a wedding at your ceremony or reception site? If so, can you see the tape?


How many other weddings is the videographer shooting on your wedding day or weekend? (Make sure there are no time constraints.)


Will the videographer you're speaking to be the one who will be shooting your wedding? If not, make sure you speak to whomever will actually shoot.


What types of cameras, tapes, and microphones will the videographer use? How new is the equipment? Ask her to explain how certain effects are achieved and to outline the benefit of using certain technologies. You may not catch all the techno-speak, but it helps to have a sense of what's what.


Ask about editing equipment. Request an explanation of the technological process.


How bright a light do they use? (If shooting requires the room lights to be on all evening, much of the romance and ambience of your event may be lost.)


Will a backup camera be on hand for the event?


How does the videographer charge for services? Are there packages? Request a price